Virtual trade shows and digital product experiences: real experience instead of “just” simulation

Not just pixels: We connect you and your customer through emotion and experiences which create goose bumps.

Digitalization and social distancing show, that there can and must be new ways for events such as trade shows or product presentations. With POOLgroup at your side, you got a strong partner escorting you on both technical and communicative levels to transform your digital company/portfolio presentation – or your entire trade show project – into ultra-realistic formats. We are just one phone call away.

Your advantages at a glance

POOLgroup brings in over 40 years of professional event production for trade shows, company presentations and other product experience events into the digital world. We know how to translate your brand message into a virtual trade show. Thanks to the latest technology, a professional planning and our premium stock of equipment we can create complex sceneries and put this into any digital infrastructure.

Hybrid events: hygiene and safety concepts from planning to authorities’ approval

We take over, of course with TÜV-certified specialists.

More than “just” a walkable virtual trade show booth

May it be little bit more? Apart from a virtual walkable single trade show booth, we can produce an entire digital trade show. Doing this, we think “out-of-the-box”, e.g. a virtual farm village where the visitor can move around freely and is able to enter virtual theme buildings. The complete area can be designed and branded in multiple options, leading your target group to your brand message.

Usability and functionality

Visiting a virtual trade show offers a lot of benefits to the user – if all elementary aspects are considered during the production. To create a perfect virtual experience, we at POOLgroup put user guidance, usability, UX design including the respective analysis in focus. The primary target for us, that the visitors of your virtual world find their way fast and comfortably without being lost. The more intuitive usability, the more time is left to connect with the important things – your project.

Perfectly in focus

Certainly, you don’t just want to offer a user-friendly application for your virtual show. Because of this, we have a broad range of options to put your key topics in focus. On the one hand the main premium style of the entire show plays a significant role: thanks to our professional and latest rendering technologies your presentations will look very close to reality and premium without eating up too much of bandwidth or CPU. On the other hand, due to our latest light effects and animations, we can push the interaction rates to the limit and thus design the user experience very interesting and interactively.

Live-events on your virtual trade show

Especially on virtual trade shows or experience centers that are open for a longer period of time, live-events are a very good idea to make your customers or users return. This generates a whole new platform to communicate and engage with the customer. No matter if it is a virtual keynote speech, a product launch event or a saisonal restructuring of the digital trade show area: We are able to integrate all the required functions into your project and design everything to meet your wishes and ideas.

Get your answers now.

It is magic.

Our possibilities are not limitless – but very close to it. If you plan a special kind of virtual trade show or you want special features for your digital trade show booth, we look forward to your message. Thanks to our team of experts for digital projects together with our high-end equipment we are able to realize almost any virtual world into reality. Besides our premium soft- and hardware solutions we can offer professional video- and audio studios to bring virtual events and experiences on a whole new level.

We find a solution. For any budget.

  • Flexible formats for interactive product presentations, virtual worlds, web frontends, apps and virtual trade shows
  • Versatile platform and integration of technology for interactive elements
  • Highend-technologies for visualisation and usability of your digital trade show booth or area
  • Tailored and user friendly applications, completely customizable
  • Studios spread over Germany for audio and video recordings
  • Holistic service from our team of experts. What we mean by that and how this feels like? This will be very clear after our first conversation.
  • Over 100 successfully realized digital events in all branches of the industry

Questions and answers to virtual and digital trade shows and product experiences

What is the secret hint for virtual trade shows?

Trade shows are locations where people get together, find their peers and experience products and partners. It is about experiences and emotions. That’s why it is often nor enough to bring a perfectly rendered 3D model of a trade show booth to any web browser. Yes, it can be technically impressive – but often it does not bring across the emotion.

For us at POOLgroup, the goal is to enable our virtual channels to make these contacts, good conversations, the exchange of people and the true experience with all senses come alive, virtually. Thinking about this, we create virtual product presentations or rich-media-foyers or lobby rooms, where users actually find what they are truly looking for. And this is done on a technical level you would not expect to see in a regular web browser. No matter if we talk about keynote speeches, video formats, live discussions or augmented reality, 3D product interactions or hybrid show elements: it all depends on the brand, the topic and the goal of the event. You decide, where POOLgroup enters, supports or help you realize the craziest ideas.

Which technical systems use POOLgroup?

We choose the system that corresponds best to your event. We mean it. Please bet on our flexibility in all technical questions. It is our job since over 40 years to realize ideas. The technology and realization of this we got. Or we invent it.

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