More than 40 years of event history…


It all started in 1978 when Carl Cordier founded the sound reinforcement company Westfalen Sound, which quickly made a name for itself beyond the borders of the region. Above all, by investing in innovative technology that ensured first-class quality. The company soon went on tour nationwide with renowned artists such as Udo Lindenberg – a customer from the “first hour” – Peter Alexander, Howard Carpendale, Rod Stewart or Supertramp. The company grew quickly and realized more and more events of all kinds beyond the pure music business.


In 1986, Westfalen Sound assumed responsibility for a major event as a general contractor for the first time. An initial spark that led to the consequent development into a group of companies: further business areas were founded in order to be able to offer all relevant event services from a single source. In the beginning of the 1990s the company gained more and more specialists for light, video, organization/production and also event-design.


In 2009 the next big step happened: the sister companies that had been operating under their own name until then were brought together under the new POOLgroup. The aim was to further strengthen the cooperation between the individual areas, to enable new synergies and to establish the “POOL” brand as a seal of approval for competence and quality in all sub-markets of the event business. The company’s success since then has only confirmed this strategy.



Foundation of the company in Ibbenbüren

In 1978 the company was founded under the name "Westfalen Sound" in Ibbenbüren.

High investments in Martin Modular PA-Systeme

In 1979 the company invested in Martin Modular PA systems, the most modern technology currently on the market.

Move to our current location Emsdetten

In 1981 the company moved to its current location in Emsdetten. There are first concert tours, among other with Inga Rumpf and Peter Alexander. In the following years, tours with Rod Stewart, Howard Carpendale, Udo Lindenberg, James Brown, Mike Oldfield, Jethro Tull, Diana Ross, Peter Maffay and others took place.

Event “40 Years NRW”

For the first time, Westfalen Sound is the general contractor for a major event. An idea is taking shape: diversification into adjacent markets and further development into a group of companies.

Foundation of The Light Concept (TLC)

The company TLC was founded in 1989 - later it became our current lighting department.

Foundation of Trend*Event

In 1991 Trend*Event is founded - as a planning company for event production - one of the first event planning offices in Germany.

Integration of Schallwand GmbH

In 1992 Schallwand GmbH was integrated into the group of companies. Schallwand GmbH serves the national rock & roll sector, while Westfalen Sound now primarily deals with industrial events and the international entertainment market.

The V-DOSC system

In 1995 Westfalen Sound demonstrated a spirit of innovation, entrepreneurial courage and became a pioneer for a completely new technology - in Germany and internationally: With the V-DOSC system, a line-source array was introduced for the first time and successfully marketed.

Foundation of MS Video GmbH

In 1996, MS Video GmbH was founded. It specializes in electronic media technology. This means that all core competencies of the event business can be offered from a single source.

About 100 concerts around the world

In 1997 there were almost 100 concerts around the world: the Supertramp tour became a new record for the company and was just as successful as the V-DOSC system used.

International touring

In 1998 the company went on international tours with Eros Ramazzotti, Rod Stewart, Diana Ross, Mike Oldfield and others.

New building

In 1999 our current multi-storey administration building was built in Emsdetten.

“Specialist for event technology” training introduced

Today's POOLgroup makes a significant contribution to establishing the training profession "specialist for event technology" and is responsible for the design of the course content. We have now led around 130 young talents into this future-oriented profession.

The first innovative product exclusively developed by POOL

In 2003, Westfalen Sound merged with the previously independent sound reinforcement company Schallwand - under Westfalen Sound, all customer potential will once again be served from a single source. The first innovative product developed exclusively by POOL is launched: the LED stick, which was used to create completely new lighting effects on stage. Herbert Grönemeyer impressed with it for the first time on his tour "Mensch". It is now the standard for many productions worldwide.

Partnership with Meyer Sound

From 2005 onwards, Westfalen Sound will rely on products from Meyer Sound - a leading provider from the USA. With more than 600 units of the different models, several large projects can be realized in parallel.

Implementation of the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm

In 2007, a universally usable studio and seminar area was opened at the Emsdetten location. In addition, the G8 summit in Heiligendamm is implemented by the companies of today's POOLgroup as a general contractor.

30-years anniversary

In 2008 the POOLgroup celebrated its 30th company anniversary! With the Metallica stadium tour, the group of companies - along with many other things - is once again represented on the international stage.

POOLgroup is created

In 2009, the individual companies merged to form the POOLgroup in order to be able to serve all kinds of events from a single source in the future. In the newly founded POOLcreation unit, design expertise is also bundled.

Creation and coordination of content

In 2010, the departments POOLcreation and POOLpicture also take over the creation and coordination of content, e.g. at the future show of the Bertelsmann Management Meeting.

Innovation und modernity

In 2011, POOLgroup once again shows how closely the company is related to innovation and modernity: At the MAN Summit in Munich, we are integrating Apple iPads into a multimedia presentation for the first time for interactive control of the event by the guests. POOLgroup is also the general contractor for the NATO Foreign Ministers Meeting and the Grace for Grace Opera in Monaco.

Light studio in Emsdetten

Our light studio in Emsdetten got completed in 2012. Here began our pre-productions for large festivals with gigantic use of light and video.

Laser Battens

Another example of POOLGroup's innovative strength - the “Laser Battens”: 1 meter long light sticks with 10 laser sources, which enable completely new effects. They quickly established themselves on the market and were used, for example, in TV productions such as the Grammy Awards.

G7 Summit at Schloss Elmau

Another G7 summit in Germany - this time at Schloss Elmau in Bavaria. And again - for the fourth time - POOLgroup as a general contractor made sure that everything went smoothly organizationally, technically and logistically.

Virtual Reality

Even before the technology is ready for the market, POOLgroup works with virtual reality and is one of the first companies in the industry to use it as a presentation medium.

G20 Summit in Hamburg

For the first time POOLgroup implements the G20 summit in Germany as a general contractor.

40-years anniversary

40 years have passed since the founding of the company Westfalen Sound. POOLgroup celebrates its anniversary!

POOLgroup logistics

The former shipping agency Helming GmbH has been running under the name POOLgroup logistics GmbH since June 2019. The company is still managed as an independent company, but can clearly be recognized as a subsidiary of the POOLgroup.