Virtual concerts and
entertainment shows

More distance: yes. More closeness to the audience and to the artist? Regardless. We create moments that touch your emotions.

Nobody in music industry knows exactly how concerts, festivals and touring will look like in the future. Not only fans and audiences desperately want a great show, a good live entertainment and culture. Artists, bands and event organizers are in need of the same. So: How do bring across those vibes, the atmosphere, this special live mood also on screens at home or into new concert and show formats? The POOLgroup crew knows the smallest and biggest stages in Europe for over 40 years. And we tried a lot of new formats. Let’s talk together. Together we create something special.

Bidirectional live shows streamed from our studios

A live concert with fans and guests who cannot only listen to the show but also visibly interact with the artist and vice versa? A setting where there is no feeling of distance anymore? Live from our studios we produce, record and stream live concerts into the world. For this, we offer all of our disciplines and expertises from planning to realization.

Apart from the “usual” live streaming of concerts with professional camera- and streaming technology, we offer formats where e.g. the viewer can directly communicate and interact with the artist via portrait displays. A very new way to upgrade any live-streaming experience offering.

Festivals: You hardly see any difference

The Parookaville festival looks like a normal event at first sight. For 2020, it has been re-concepted to a hybrid event, so fans could join the show from home and a limited number of fans could join on location. All hygiene regulations and the appropriate distance rules were complied due to our plannings; the stage construction was adapted and optimized to the new setup and the new format.

Hybrid formats with VIP areas and drive-in park

Also hybrid formats can be done, for example here in Stuttgart, Germany: In front of the stage we designed and constructed guest and VIP boxes, whereas next to this a drive-in car park was implemented. Stage and LED walls are optimized for both close up view and distance view, same for sound and light. The hygiene and safety concept are planned, organized and approved by the local authorities – coordinated by POOLgroup. Due to the changing regulations during this production, our concept can constantly scale and adapt to the situation.

Old scapes, new formats: drive-in cinemas revitalized

Unusual audience, unusual situation, new kind of people: drive-in area ideal spaces for shows – if you consider a couple of peculiarities. Because the show concept on stage must be rethought as well as the interaction with the audience and the audio situation. For this, we got all disciplines on board. POOLgroup plans and installs the entire technology for the show. The concept works perfectly: We successfully realized quite some shows ending with exciting humping concerts.

Own studios
for optimal and efficient show formats

In Berlin, Waiblingen (close to Stuttgart), Munich und Emsdetten we run our own rehearsal stages and event studios – with an infrastructure and equipment that fits for any crew and artist. Today we use this space additionally for professional live-streams, recordings and broadcasts. With set, lighting and audio design we set a benchmark that goes beyond average expectations. This you can expect from a professional company with over 40 years of experience.

Live from the studio:
We make the difference

Set design à la carte

Stage, set, sound and light: Practically, we got everything we need under one roof. You can rehearse your show, test out alternative effects and elements, while working surprisingly efficient within the budget. The result? Fun and chilled professionals right from the beginning.

Lighting: We are in control

We create the light sceneries that fits exactly to your format and content. We fulfill your wished or surprise with creative and innovative design – just as you like. We control the run-downs and direction for you. This is fun and you feel in good hands right from the beginning. And often you hear this atmosphere with a great team in the live production.

Promise: You’ll hear the difference

Our sound experts, decoding hardware and transducers deliver a high quality sound, which reached out digitally right to any living room: High dynamic ranges and a resolution which surprises the audience. And yes, we do offer AD transducers which deserve its name.

“Live” is our moment of birth

POOLgroup is born from touring and concerts in the 70s. We know the business, the trends, the changes in the industry, the processes and the technology. But first and foremost, we speak the language of the artists and event organizers. We are the craftsmen to establish a bridge between audience and stage. Optionally, we are architects, consultants and fellow partners. That’s why we have 14 disciplines in-house. We understand and anticipate every step that leads to a great show. And with big we mean these pins and needles in your stomach as well as the economic soothing feeling in your head.


Over 40 years of POOLgroup. We know what experience, culture, event, concert and festival is worth, you know. Otherwise, we would not be in the business still.


If we would not check, invent and try out technology and possibilities on a regular basis: we would not exist anymore. To think new and “out-of-the-box” is within the DNA of POOLgroup.


We generate safety and hygiene concepts for years. This makes life easy for our TÜV-certified experts, to find answers for the actual situation in the industry.


Studios, rehearsal stages, technology, software, webcasts: we got everything in-house and can scale with any project.

Participants management

Is it going to be a webcast oder an online format? We take over the participants management for 50.000 participants, if you want from ticket to login to the show.


When the pre-production already excites us a the crew, as artists, as people who creates culture, it it pure magic. This happens a lot. That’s why we like to talk about confidence at this point.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have own studios/storage/stages/rehearsal halls?

Yes. We have 10 locations ready to broadcast and rehearsal: in Berlin, Münster, Munich and Stuttgart. Alternatively, we build any type of studios, stages and locations wherever you need them, indoor or outdoor for digital or hybrid events.

Do you offer a webcast platform and participation management?

Of course. With up to 50.000 participants worldwide we work without any external services. For more than 50.000 participants, wie upscale our server infrastructure.

Concerts and live-events lacking closeness, intimacy, interaction and connection. Do you have ideas to change this?

Indeed. We don’t want to “just” send out a signal or stream a broadcast in 4k. We certainly have some great ideas for bidirectional events. True involvement of fans, visibility, interaction. What type of format may be the right one is always new and different. Let’s have a conversation about this.

Can you live-stream into social media channels, teams, slack, zoom, Skype, Webex or broadcast feed?

Yes we can. Preferably with content direction.

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