Virtual and hybrid events:
Yes, we stream

Trade shows, conferences, concerts, general assemblies? We don't "just" transform them into the digital, hybrid or virtual world. We do them right.

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Companies, event organizers and politics need new formats these days. Digital and virtual events and space for this are getting natural. We plan and produce these formats – from worldwide online conferences to virtual corporate trade shows on demand, from online summits to product presentations with interactive elements. We accompany you from concept to a successful event.


streaming participants and more at the same time in our online conferences – without external services


successful digital and virtual formats such as congresses, events and trade shows/product launches


current studios in Germany – or anywhere you want them to be, real or virtual


years of experience in event, entertainment and politics. That’s what our customers realize daily (and the participants too)

Hygiene and safety concepts

Our TÜV-certified experts create hygiene and safety concepts for your event. We also take over the approval process with the local, regional and countrywide authorities.

We consult, develop and plan together with you

Agency or corporation, politics or event organizer: we take over single services or the entire production of your event.

Media technology, green screen, 3d integration?

We bring any format on air and on any client. Out of and into any location.

We build your event into the web

We offer the entire platform, tailored to your CI/CD and to be integrated into any IT-infrastructure based on your requirements – for any browser or smart phone. You want online discussions, working groups, discuss live-3D-objects? Our interactive models are at your service.

Participant management: easy, safe and scaleable

From accreditation to management before and during the event: we take over the participant management, invitation, individual rights management, groups administration: This is as easy for 10 as for 50.000 participants for us.

We create virtual space and content

We create virtual rooms Form moderations, panel discussions and key notes. For example, with green screens and live-keying or with designed and constructed stage constructions. At your premises, or in one of our professional studios.

Production and realization

Everything works together perfectly: We take care of the pre-production and the live-realization. Many speakers from various regions in one conference? Including simultaneous interpreters? We want to play video content and statements coming from multiple countries and a live phone call with the CEO? No problem. That’s when we come in.

All safe. Also relating GDPR.

Our server and IT-concept complies to your internal requierments as well to the GDPR regulations. We remain flexible and scaleable to adapt to multiple locations and scenarios. Data security, data integrity. access management and encryption is self-evident for our own infrastructure.

virtual conferences and congresses

National and international, small to very large events. We bring formats with multiple participants securely online. Our technology and platforms allow us many interactions and types of participation.

Virtual trade shows, product experiences and events

We develop 3D-worlds, create virtual rooms for meetings, integrate augmented reality and create added value right to the smallest screens. As a passion of ours, we love to be one step ahead of what’s possible today.

Virtual concerts and digital entertainment formats

How do you establish closeness and create goose bumps? Digital event formats don’t have to be cold and sterile. Bidirectional interaction can overcome any social distance.

Questions and answers to virtual, hybrid and digital events

Which step of a planning is most important?

Define the format. Do we speak about a broadcast scenario (one-to-many, TV a-like, todays’ streaming services or webinars)? Or do we speak about collaboration, team work, meaning meeting or kick-off formats? Do you want to introduce, show, discuss and experience a product, service or topic? Or do we connect events with one or many stages and manage one or more audiences to the show?

Do I need a studio?

This is very dependent on the technology and infrastructure of your company, the event location or any chosen institution. Normally, we integrate the existent infrastructure, hardware or software. Also – normal for us – are temporary studios, where the entire infrastructure for your event is set up where we need it to be to meet key criteria. Also, we got 10 studios in Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich and Münster ready to broadcast. Your advantage: all technology is available for you any time, ready to start.

What do I need think of if I want to include external participants, speaker or artists?

On the one hand this is dependent on technical details, and on the other hand on the options we got in the location: Which technology has the participant available? How does background and room look like? For sure, you have experienced video conferences from home and how different sound, speech quality can be. Our job is to sensitize this and to achieve the best possible standard. For example for keynote speakers, CEOs or artists – and of course with the most actual hygiene regulations. If required, we build a small studio in any location for perfect audio and video quality to allow a clear broadcast signal – Equipment and mask/make-up artist included.

Are translations, subtitling or live-interpreting necessary?

For many of our customers, we integrate live-services and interpreters for a variable number of languages and speakers. Our interpreters work directly on location or are connected by standardized remote workplace.

How can I offer or integrate virtual events?

Any technical integration is possible. Frequently, webcasts are being used: We can offer websites in your CI/CD or include video streams into your website or in the intranet. We also can integrate live into your web conferencing solution or we go live through the usual social media services.

Are those events really agile and interactive?

This is our ultimate goal. Our platforms offer a broad variety of services, e.g. chats, questionnaire, participance options, document exchange, presentations from everywhere, working groups, votings or ratings. If you need more specific wishes, we can program this for you.

Do I have to pay attention considering technology and infrastructure?

Our hard- and software platforms provide everything you need online/virtual/digital for up to 50.000 participants. If you expect more participants, we make a technical planning to be able to scale your number of participants.

Who can I talk to regarding GDPR and data security?

With any of our experts. We are familiar with most of the technical and legal guidelines. Of course, we adopt to your internal safety guidelines.