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Lively, interactive formats. Easy-to-use interfaces. All the options you want. Virtual, digital or hybrid? Let's do this.

Conferences, webinars, large scale events with many participants? We create room and stage for this. We stage manage the event. We use hard- and software which makes any conference format as interactive as possible – or we connect with any IT-infrastructure. Our platform various interaction options, involvement and dialogue. Because we are taking care of conferences for over 40 years, we know about the fine details, from planning to direction and budget.

  • Free scaleable and flexible technical platform for all webcast-formats
  • Budget consulting, conception and live direction
  • Studios on demand or temporary studios anywhere you need it
  • 14 disciplines out of one hand – from lighting and A/V to green screen and set construction
  • Hygiene concepts, participation management, accreditation processes, GDPR data security

Our webcast-platform:
Finally everything is possible, which was too expensive and too complicated before

Interactive elements and full involvement of the participants

Bring yourself in interactively instead of just listen and watch: our online platform is flexible and keeps digital conferences and virtual events vital. Here are some examples:

Chats and moderated virtual rooms

Participants and groups can exchange live, discuss actively and can be moderated.

Build working groups

Groups, teams and respective roles can be defined freely and put together, e.g. for companies or discussion or working groups.

Upload pictures

Pictures, and pictures are easy to upload from any device and operating system.


How was the key note speech, the panel discussion, the entire event or the dedicated working group? Participants or groups can be invited to feedback rounds at any time.

Send news

Actual updates, inputs, news and topics for all or single participants.

Management of documents

Upload documents, manage, organize and provide data to the participants (presentations, reader, papers, PDFs, videos).


You can start surveys and provide or team-analyze the results live.

Interfaces: free to design

The frontend of the platform can be designed in any CD matching to your company or event branding. Your design can be fully adapted without high additional development costs.

Flexible integration of media and channels

Add one or more participants (e.g. webcam, audio, video, smart phone, just text) or additional feeds: possible at anytime.

3D product presentations

Integration of 3D graphics directly as webGL for any presentation.

User groups, participant management, rights

Who can see what at which time? How can participants involve themselves in a discussion or access a working group or conference room? Free to define and manageable at any time.

Agenda: overviews and schedules

Easy to read time schedules and interactive program overviews.

From studio to stream

Because we take care of conference formats for over 40 years, we know the important details. Thus, our virtual, digital and hybrid conference formats benefit from this fact. We don’t just broadcast data and bring them to screen. Our team of experts, tools, studios and over 14 professional disciplines allow enough flexible room for corporate, political and institutional event productions.

All competences – for 5 or 50.000 participants

We integrate all strengths of digital platforms and know the requirements of physical participants. The result: more format, more involvement, superior run-downs, broadcast-ready premium direction, reliable project management and finally: a real benefit for all participants – on stage, on the studio, in the panel and first and foremost in front of the screens.

We can do anything a professional conference needs today.

Conception, design, physical rooms, technical platform, direction? Ready to start.

From idea to realization

We offer conception, design, budgeting, production and realization: We can take over single parts of the production or the entire project. All competences and disciplines out of one hand – this safes time, redundant coordination and: money.

We create physical rooms

In Germany, we run 10 studios ready to broadcast. Optionally, we build virtual and physical studios and stages at any given location of your choice – from design to broadcast-signal. This also counts for the frontend for all participants: We design the online platform based on your CI/CD.

Safe and professional direction

Regardless if we talk about a small round table discussion, a large panel or hybrid events with interpreters: we integrate all formats, for 1 hour or 3 days, for 50 or 50.000 participants.

Coordination of content and concept

We take care of the dramaturgy and direction of the event, we create designs for offline and online, we manage and direct trailers and film content. We coordinate the construction of the studio. We take over the onboarding of all participants from accreditation to logout.

Frequently asked questions

Can the participants chat with each other?

Yes. More exact: You can allow chats at certain times or only for selected groups. The chat works on all usual browsers on computers or smart phones – or in the conference setting you want it. Our platform saves development costs, yet it can be fully adapted to your CI/CD. It is GDRP conform and is tried and tested with DAX-companies and governments as well as with middle class companies and associations. Ask our team of experts – we consult you in any further questions you hav.

Can I ask questions online and virtually during the conference?

Of course. Those questions can be sorted and prepared for moderation at any time by the direction.
Optionally, you can bring in additional participants – via phone, audio- or video stream. And if you want, we live-interpret the conversations. Ask our team of experts – we are happy to answer your questions. By the way, the “questions-module” is just one of many modules we can bring into the online platform.

Does POOLgroup have own studios or temporary rooms for my project?

Yes. Our studios are ready to use in Berlin, Stuttgart, Münster and Munich. If you want, we can also build any conference location wherever you need it. Because we got all disciplines needed on board out of one hand. Our team of experts are working together smoothly in a way that our customers are very happy about our budget efficiency. And we like that, too. Wanna find out which option is most efficient for your project? Our team has realized lots of virtual conferences and formats like this. Give us a call, and you will get an idea and overview within 10 minutes.

Is my event safe and exclusive or can anyone join? What happens to my data?

This is up to you. We can offer highly secure access and encryption same as public event for anyone to join. Of course, we always work GDRP conform. Certainly, we offer security levels for sensitive content to keep privacy and confidential data safe – from our own servers to the encryption of the stream.

Can I create teams and working groups?

Of course. This is one of many options for groups and joint interactions our online platform offers.

Does POOLgroup apply all data security regulations? Is the system conform with todays’ standards?

Short answer: yes. We can scale all internal and external security requirements. This counts for data security, location of our servers, data management, access-/roles management, routing and encryption. Of course, we always apply to GDRP conformity and offer respective documentation from creating data, delivering data to deleting data.

On which browsers does the frontend work?

Desktop: Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari. Mobile: All browser from 2018.

Can I adapt the layout for the frontend to my corporate/brand design?

Yes, you can.

Can I control the event in the backend myself?

Yes. But more importantly is to have our tech- and direction crew controlling and coordinating your event together with you. Mostly, an experienced crew which works together with all members of your team is beneficial for everyone.

Can integrate interpreters or translations?

Yes, anytime. We usually integrate interpreters in international live streaming conferences.

Can I revisit the event after the live event? Can the conference be viewed as VoD or with additional content for a period of time?

Yes. This request we get often. The event can be reviewed and accessed wherever you want it to be. Internally and externally.

Do I have to install a software or does the platform work in a regular internet browser?

The frontend is browser-based to be accessed on any device without problems.

Can I integrate external or virtual speakers into the conference? Which tools can I use for this? Can I also use the webcasting tool that my company normally uses?

Yes, external speakers can be implemented at any time; via text, audio with or without video. As a source, all usual conference solutions can be used, e.g. skype, teams, webex or zoom. Optionally, we produce the external feed with our own crew to ensure premium broadcast quality.

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