Our starting point was Münsterland – and it is still our home! But in the past 40 years we have not only gained more employees, we expanded to now have offices in Berlin, Munich and Waiblingen near Stuttgart.


This is where it all comes together - between Münster and Osnabrück. At this central location, we have gathered everything under one roof. The production and storage areas have been continuously expanded. On average, around 5 events are realized from here every day. The equipment required for this fills about 15 semi-trailer trucks - this moves up to 300 tons of material every day. A huge logistical performance that we are used to. And manage from here without any problems.

POOLgroup GmbH

Südring 26
D-48282 Emsdetten
phone : +49 (0)2572 - 920 0
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No wonder we have had a branch in Berlin since 1996: after all, this metropolis is not only the political, but also the cultural and social center of Germany. A large number of different events take place here almost every day - and the number increases every year. Of course, we also want to be close to the happenings here.

POOLgroup GmbH

Lützowstr. 102
D-10785 Berlin
phone : +49 (0)30 - 2351 550
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Southwest Germany is a prosperous region and an important growth engine for our entire country. Many world-class companies have their headquarters here - among other, the manufacturers of automobiles and commercial vehicles play a special role for us. But our branch office in Stuttgart is also useful for planning and implementing various festivals and events in the vibrant capital of Baden-Württemberg.

POOLgroup GmbH

Eisentalstraße 37
D-71334 Waiblingen
phone : +49 (0)7151 - 250 180 0
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Southern Germany offers an important economic and event demand. Centrally located in the old town district Lehel, the paths to POOLgroup are short and quick in the Free State and the neighboring regions.

POOLgroup GmbH

Steinerstraße 15
D-81369 Munich
phone : +49 (0)89 - 41414 730
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