Originally founded as a radio station, BigCityBeats GmbH is now one of the most successful event brands in Germany. The company has been operating worldwide for 15 years now. No matter if it is about events in big cities, at sea or even in weightlessness. BigCityBeats is particularly present in the music and club scene.


In order to adequately celebrate the start of the World Club Dome – the largest club in the world organized by BigCityBeats in festival format – a unique, record-breaking event was designed: the ZERO G flight. 50 VIPs and astronauts took off to celebrate in zero gravity on a so-called parabolic flight on a plane to their favorite music.

This year’s motto was “PLATINUM Edition” – after the breathtaking VIP area of the WORLD CLUB DOME. In order to fill the motto with life, stars from the DJs scene were invited to create the right mood among the internationally prominent guests.

POOLgroup’s task was to create a real club experience with a spectacular lighting and sound system concept.


For this event at an altitude of 8,500 m, the Zero-G Airbus A310, which is otherwise used for scientific research purposes and training flights by ESA, had to be completely redesigned. We only had two days for this. In order to convey the club atmosphere to the visitors in this environment, POOLgroup had planned the right lighting and sound technology that had to be built into the aircraft.

The lighting concept included, among other things, movable lights that were attached to the side of the interior and under the ceiling of the Airbus and created a dance floor atmosphere.

Numerous speakers and subwoofers distributed in the fuselage were responsible for powerful beats and all-round sound reinforcement.

Robert Sommer, Manager Touring & Entertainment, reports: “The installation of the event technology in the Zero-G Airbus A300 made almost unique demands on the equipment used. From the planning of the light show on board to the quality of the sound system, taking into account the artificially generated cabin pressure, to the extreme safety requirements – everything had to be 100% accurate to offer the participants a perfect event. In this context, the systems from LD Systems and Cameo have once again demonstrated their excellent reputation.


The Zero G flight is an event that goes down in history. Several records were broken during this year’s flight: the first salad dressing was created in zero gravity, a musician played the trumpet for the first time in zero gravity and a football star effortlessly scored the first goal – at a height of over eight kilometers.

The event was a complete success for both the guests and for POOLgroup. Bernd Breiter, Managing Director of BigCityBeats GmbH, was correspondingly satisfied: “The World Club Dome Zero-G flight was the spectacular starting signal for this year’s BigCityBeats World Club Dome season. The line-up was top notch across the board – from VIPs to the global DJ community, ESA’s European astronauts and our partners and sponsors.(…)

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