The BMW Group presented its innovations, including the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA), at the Paris Motor Show "Mondial de l’Automobile 2018". In order to present this in a unique way, Jung von Matt created a creative concept that POOLgroup technically implemented: A 500-year-old painting in the middle of Paris was brought to life.


On the space in front of the Center Georges-Pompidou, people became curious: a 75 square meter LED installation of the Mona Lisa caused a sensation. But it wasn’t just a lifeless painting. With 3D modeling and interactive content, POOLgroup brought Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci to life. Passers could then ask questions and get their answers directly from the world-famous Mona Lisa.


The programming and motion design were special challenges: When creating different facial features and expressions, it was extremely important to ensure that the whole thing does not lose credibility. Therefore, the movements and facial expressions had to look as natural as possible and the graceful face of Mona Lisa should not distort and look like a cartoon.

The “living painting” was 10 meters high and 7.5 meters wide. With an eye-catcher like this, a technical failure would have been disappointing, so it had to be programmed and planned well in advance.

POOLgroup once again demonstrated its reliability and ensured that everything went smoothly and that the technical implementation was skilful and authentic.


Interacting with a painting? The audience was excited: When do you get the opportunity to ask a world-famous, 500-year-old painting a question…
Mona Lisa said greeting messages and even sang songs in many different languages.

Together with Jung von Matt and BMW Group, POOLgroup created a unique experience.

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