Years of experiences, best know how, rapid growth

Our company is one of the main event production companies in Europe in the areas of event organisation, production and technology.
Our field of activity can be broken into following segments: politics and social affairs, trade and industry and touring and entertainment. In more than 35 years of event experience we realized above 10.000 events of all sizes not just national but all over the world. Thats why we are also international connected with the best professional partners. Since the foundation of POOLgroup GmbH in 1978 they increases after many big challenges and difference customers to a big company with five different offices in Germany and 130 employee.

Technology of tomorrow – often already today

Innovation is one of our most important incentive to show our customers always the best and newest possibilty.  We have supported new technology very quick so that we are often able to enjoy a special position as in the technology of LED systems. For us, innovation is more than the technical improvement but rather a passion. Our ambition is to develop new and suprising experiences that touch, impress and create special effects to the customer’s mind.

Team spirit inside and outside

The successful history is based on our strong team spirit. We consider our relationships with our customers as parnterships and make their goal to our goal. That explains our long-term customer relationships. From our intern perspective we are convinced that competence results from a strong team. Thats why all important positions in our company are occupied with permanent employees. On this way we can pass our experience and knowledege to young employees and continue to benefit our customer.