Safety is an important factor for any event, and it must be integrated into the planning phase from the very beginning. This is particularly true today more than ever, especially at major events with high traffic such as open-air concerts or general corporate and industry meetings, events with difficult-to-control entry conditions such as national holiday celebrations or summits, or events with particular symbolic value such as state visits.


With POOLsafety, we have developed a standardized procedure for all safety aspects of any event. A security plan is built in from the very start of the event planning process and then adapted to individual site requirements. Possible risks are therefore significantly reduced, and should any issues arise, they can be properly dealt with on site.


The first step is to devise a comprehensive risk analysis. In close coordination and cooperation with all relevant authorities and organisations, we discuss important issues such as entrances and exits, parking, access roads, signs, supply lines, and communication (internally as well as with visitors and guests). Of course, we also make sure we work in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations (Highway Code, Assembly Act, etc.)

The result? A customised security concept that clarifies how (and at what cost) all possible risks can be handled as well as a plan to deal with any problems that could arise. This concept serves as a basis for the approval process. Let us help you ensure that your event goes off as smoothly-and safely-as possible for all parties involved, from the visitors to the organisers and authorities.

POOLsafety services:

  • location research and sneak preview
  • producing safety concepts
  • define the visitors volume
  • risk analysis
  • contact to approving authority and medical corps
  • control of the authorization process
Der Tag der Deutschen Einheit wurde gebührend gefeiert mit einer ausgefallenen Bühne am Wasser.

Day of German unity