In 2015 the G7 summit took place at Schloss Elmau in Krün. Heads of state and heads of government from the seven leading economies came together to discuss the world's major problems.


As general contractor, POOLgroup took care of everything from technical planning to image and sound transmission technology in the entire event area at the summit, so that the important meeting could go smoothly.


Among other things, POOLgroup was also responsible for the construction of temporary structures, including the Briefing Center. Since the economic summit took place in a nature reserve according to FFH guidelines, extensive protective measures had to be initiated. The POOLgroup therefore implemented the briefing center entirely in terms of sustainability and environmental protection. The points of resource conservation, nature conservation and climate friendliness played a major role.
Disposable materials were already dispensed during the construction of the briefing center in order to increase the reusability to around 70%.

POOLgroup also managed to completely preserve the floor on which the building was supposed to stand by placing untreated support piles, which could be shortened to floor level after the event.

Climate-friendly power generation and the use of an air-heat pump to generate heat and cooling output reduced individual losses and efficiently conserved energy resources – the connection to the local medium-voltage network reduced the environmental impact by 46.5%.


POOLgroup not only designed and equipped the event rooms for the summit appropriately and ensured a communication-friendly, pleasant atmosphere, but also ensured that the entire event was implemented in an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient manner.

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